Recipient Search Links

Some Department of Corrections systems allow you to search for recipients. When we know of these we will provide connections/links to them below. Please use these to verify the inmate you are adding to your account is correct. You can also go to to do recipient lookups as well.


Recipient Search Links
Alabama DOC
Arizona DOC
Bexar County Sheriff's Office, TX - We use "SID#"
Brazoria County Jail, TX
Butler County Jail, OH (Only use first 6 numbers of booking ID to register in our system - Example 123456-001 use 123456)
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, TX - Contact jail for Resident ID
Cook County DOC
Dallas County Jail, TX
Dimmit County Jail, TX - Contact jail for Resident ID
Fulton County Jail, GA
Idaho DOC
Iowa DOC
Kansas DOC
Lawrence County Jail, MS - Contact Jail for Resident ID
Masschusetts DOC
McLennan County Jail, TX Click on Current Inmate Listing. We use CID#
MTC Dalby - Federal Bureau of Prisons
Nash County Detention Center, NC - Please contact facility for Resident ID
Nueces County Jail, TX - Please contact facility for Resident ID
Nevada DOC
Oakland County Jail, MI NOTE - If not 7 numbers add 0('s) before ID. Example: If 12345 use 0012345.
Oklahoma DOC
Onslow County Jail, NC - Contact Jail for Resident ID
Rhode Island DOC
Seminole County Polk Correctional Facility, FL (Use booking# to register in our system)
Tarrant County Jail, TX
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Utah DOC
Waller County Jail, TX - Contact Jail for Resident ID
Wisconsin DOC
Wyoming DOC In order to deposit money you MUST be on the inmate's approved visitor list.
Yalobusha County Jail, MS (Select State and if searching with ID# use "MS" before number ex: MS0000000)


To use our payment locations you MUST pre-register yourself and the recipient(s) you would like to send money to before visiting our payment locations. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy pages for rules and what information we capture and how we use it. After you complete the registration you will be given a customer ID and barcode for each recipient. IMPORTANT - That SPECIFIC customer ID/barcode is used at our payment locations to send money to that one recipient. If you register more than one you will have more than one customer ID/barcode. You can log back into our system to lookup your consumer ID(s) and to review money you have sent.